Brent Springford Junior Speaks to WSFA 12 (Initial Call)

Brent Springford, Junior, the son of Montgomery murder victims, Brent and Charlotte Springford is speaking out to WSFA 12 news.

Just before noon on Thursday, December 2, someone who indicated that he was Brent Springford, Junior called our television station and requested to read a statement and that we play it in its entirety.

His statement lasted about 7 minutes. Afterwards, the man would only answer a few questions before hanging up.

In the phone interview with WSFA 12 News, he says he is in a psychiatric facility in Louisville, Colorado. He says he just learned of his parents death and funeral. He says none of his family members has contacted him to let him know what is going on and he says they are not returning his phone calls.

Springford says that he was devastated by the news of his parents' death and that he is full of grief. He admits that he has several medical problems including being diagnosed as bipolar.

He says he called because people who know him have told him that he has been in the news and that he's concerned about what's being reported. Lastly, Springford said he loved his mother and father and always has.

The Springfords were found dead in their South Hull Street home on Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. Montgomery Police announced Friday that they now consider Springford, Junior a suspect in the slayings.