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Little rain makes for anxious fire officials

(Source: WBRC video) (Source: WBRC video)

The Alabama Forestry Commission said in the past seven days, 43 wildfires burned more than 593 acres.

That includes one in West Jefferson County that burned over 260 acres.

"Since the first of the year we've almost had 1100 wildfires. All over the state. That's almost 2300 acres burned," said Coleen Vansant with the Alabama Forestry Commission.

Vansant said this summer has been a temperamental one when it comes to wildfires. She said Spring and Fall are the usual seasons for fires not summer.

"This summer we've had a lot of fronts coming from the north and northwest. Which brings the extremely dry weather with it," Vansant said.

Dry conditions mixed with low humidity result in fires like the one in the Adger area of Jefferson County. It began around 1:30 Tuesday morning and it is still not completely out.

The same goes for the Mulga fire that spread Thursday.

"Anytime the humidity falls below 40% we know it's going to be active. If it falls below 30% it's going to you know, you're just going to sit and wait on something to happen," Vansant said.

And it's not the forestry commission that's paying up for control these fires.

That money is coming out of your pocket.

"Every time we have to make a fire run particularly on a real stupid fire it cost the taxpayers," Vansant said.

Vansant said drought stricken areas, Jefferson County being one of them, need at least an inch of rain to just band aid the dry conditions we have here.

Until we get that or more she is urging people to hold off on burning anything.

Even though there is not a burn ban in place for the state Vansant said people need to be aware of the fires they set, the coals they throw away and the fireworks they set.

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