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First Year PE Teacher Serving as Role Model

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For years, teachers at Selma's Cedar Park Elementary School took turns taking their students outside for recess, which was their version of physical education.  Now a first year teacher is providing structure and filling a void, not only for the school, but for the students on a personal level.

"I really take honor and pride in being able to be the first to get them on the right path," says Cedar Park Elementary PE Teacher, Adrian Ware.  Students and teachers alike affectionately refer to Ware as "Coach."

To keep his students on a healthy path, Adrian Ware says he's battling technology and a staggering obesity rate.  "So much of society is based on being healthy, like you have to be healthy these days like running and playing? We take that for granted, I tell my students all the time don't take it for granted there's people out there that can't walk," says Ware.

This is Coach Ware's first year teaching, he's only been at it for 3 weeks and he's already making a difference.  "Once they get to middle school, they'll be ready for the team sports.  The curriculum is based to get them ready for the life program, which is to make them physically active for life," says Ware.

Coach Ware is making an impact beyond PE Class.

"The kids really look up to him, he really loves these children and he's taken on that male, big brother role model role," says Cedar Park Elementary Principal, Doris Cureton.

"When I get on to them, sometimes I feel like I'm one of their parents because I'm getting on to them so much because I care," says Ware.

Congratulations Coach Ware, you're this week's Class Act.

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