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Tracey Grissom sentenced to 25 years in prison for killing her ex-husband

Tracey Grissom in court for her sentencing. Source: Kelvin Reynolds/WBRC Tracey Grissom in court for her sentencing. Source: Kelvin Reynolds/WBRC

Judge John England has sentenced Tracey Grissom to 25 years in prison for fatally shooting her ex-husband.

She is back in police custody to begin her sentence. Grissom's lawyer, Warren Freeman, said he believes that the sentence was too harsh.

Grissom was convicted a month ago in the death of Hunter Grissom in 2012.

Authorities say that Grissom followed Hunter Grissom to the Binion Creek boat landing to take pictures of him for a pending civil case.

Grissom contended that when Hunter Grissom saw her, he gave her "a mean look and an obscene gesture."

She said she left her car and began firing at her ex-husband until the clip was emptied, then called 911.

Grissom's sentencing hearing lasted more than four hours on Tuesday with multiple people testifying, including family, friends and a juror.

Hunter Grissom's mother, grandparents and two other family members testified first. They all told Judge John England that Tracey Grissom should get no leniency in her sentencing.

Hunter Grissom's grandfather said "his untimely death has brought much grief."

Grissom's friend Lauren Richards and Marian Waters, a rape counselor who treated Grissom, testified on her behalf.

Grissom claimed that Hunter Grissom repeatedly abused her and testified during her trial that the alleged abusive history is part of why she feared her ex-husband.

Waters testified that she saw bruises in various stages of healing on Grissom's body after Hunter Grissom allegedly raped her in 2010.

"She had been subjected to a very brutal assault," Waters said.

Both Richards and Waters admitted they never saw Hunter Grissom abuse Grissom but they believed her.

Prosecutors objected to Richards showing pictures of Grissom's injuries after the alleged sexual assault.

Prosecutors showed their own pictures of Grissom, which they say were taken at the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's Office on Nov. 23, 2010.

They said they showed no injuries from the alleged rape. The contend that Richards' photos were taken a week after their own.

In a surprising turn, one juror has asked the judge for leniency. Janice Kelly said in court that Grissom didn't get a fair trial. She told FOX6 News after the sentencing that if she had to do it over again, it would have been a hung jury.

The jury foreman also submitted a written statement, saying he believed Grissom didn't plan to murder her ex-husband but that "she just lost it" at the boat landing.

Before her hearing Grissom posted a statement on Facebook. It says in part:

"I know I am not suppose to understand all this and know GOD HAS A PLAN. I ask EVERYONE no matter what to continue to support me And ALL VICTIMS OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE."

Around 5:45 p.m., Grissom took the stand, repeating her earlier testimony that Hunter Grissom abused her physically and sexually on multiple occassions.

She said he told her if she went to the police he would kill her.

Tracey said that if she had to do it over again, she would have kept driving rather than pull into the boat landing.

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