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CrimeStoppers hits $100,000 milestone in crime tip payouts

Central Alabama CrimeStoppers has marked a milestone. It has awarded more than $100,000 for information that helped law enforcement solve crimes.

For 17 years, Central Alabama Crimestoppers has been law enforcement's closest partner. Just ask Montgomery County Sheriff Chief Deputy Derrick Cunningham.

"Just last week, we had some guys that went in and did a burglary, we contacted Crimestoppers, Tony Garrett put that information out to the news media, and by the end of the day, we had phone calls, we had information leading us to the guys that committed that burglary."

"A lot of calls we get, it may be a relative of the suspect, someone who's real close to the suspect, and they know that if they contact police, they may be identified, and they don't want to be retaliated," said Crimestoppers' Tony Garrett.

Garrett says that's why the organization's anonymous tip line is so effective.

"We don't have caller ID, we don't take voicemail, even when we're closed we have a 24-hour telephone line, a live person, all they do is answer the Crimestoppers hotline."

"The type of crimes we're solving, they're not just petty theft or slap in the face type crimes, they are homicides, kidnappings, bank robberies," Garrett said.

Chief Cunningham says Crimestoppers is a valuable tool.

"It's pushing that information out there to the community, and I'm glad we have it, glad we're utilizing it, cause it's getting criminals off the street."

Since 1997, Crimestoppers has cleared 3504 cases, resulting in 1460 arrests. Just this year, Crimestoppers has paid out $8,295, taken 561 tips, resulted in 141 arrests, and cleared 367 cases.

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