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Orange bows symbolize opposition to Hoover schools rezoning plan

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Some Hoover residents have put orange bows on their mailboxes to show their opposition to a proposed rezoning plan.

You can see a large number of bows throughout the Lake Crest neighborhood. The people here are not happy at the prospects of sending their children to Trace Crossings when they have always gone to Gwin Elementary.

Julia Bachrach has six children. Young Caleb hopes to join his older siblings at Gwin Elementary next year but under a proposed plan offered by Superintendent Dr. Andy Craig, Caleb and his siblings could be headed to Trace Crossings.

Craig is seeking to reduce some overcrowding issues within Hoover City Schools. Bachrach said she wants her older children to finish out at Gwin and for Caleb if possibly to go there as well.

"Just the kind of change when it's been this continuity and I think next year they should have a year to be confident where they are. The culmination of all their experience. People they knew. Not have to start over just yet. It feels kind of rushed," Bachrach said.

Some students from Lake Cyrus are also expected to be rezoned to Trace Crossings. Superintendent Craig is expected to formally to present his rezoing plan to the Hoover School Board on Monday, September 8.

Craig has changed the plan once already by dropping Bluff Park out of any rezoning. Residents here hope he does again.

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