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Training postponed so National Guard can close gap in its budget

(Source: WSFA 12 News) (Source: WSFA 12 News)

Training for tens of thousands of Army National Guardsmen, including here in Alabama, will be canceled or rescheduled this month.

At the federal level, the National Guard Bureau's reserve has hit a $101 million shortfall, and now every state is asked to help make ends meet.

Alabama has been asked to give back $2.5 million to the National Guard Bureau. That means training for almost all Alabama Army National Guard units will be postponed until the last weekend of September in order to give Congress and the National Guard Bureau more time to shift some money around.

Col. Dennis Butters says Alabama's solders are prepared for this.

"The Alabama National Guard is somewhat flexible, because over the last several years we've had certain funding constraints that we've had to adjust to," Butters said. "This will not impact the readiness of the Alabama National Guard. We're always ready to respond to the need of crisis when the Governor calls us to perform in the state for domestic operations, or if we have a go-to-war type mission for the federal response that we typically respond to, so this will not affect our readiness at all."

Butters stressed that the Alabama National Guard has done an excellent job in maintaining the budget that it's allocated and is not experiencing a shortfall at the state level.

Alabama has about 14,000 National Guard members. This budget issue will affect about 11,000 of the Army National Guard members.

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