Guest Editorial: 9/11 reminds us...

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Human memory is an interesting thing. Time can water it down and remove the impact and significance of past events.

As I watched the 13th anniversary commemoration ceremonies for 9/11, I was reminded of that fact. Even the most horrific of events can fade in our memory if we are not reminded of them.

In June I did an editorial saying that the United States should not engage militarily in the centuries-old conflict among sectarian factions in Iraq, because we cannot solve that problem.

I also said that we must do all we can in Iraq, and elsewhere, to safeguard the security of the United States.

That thought rings even truer as we remember 9/11.

ISIL is a growing threat. American nationals are reported to have joined ISIL's fight. Another American journalist has been killed.

On Wednesday, President Obama described a plan for airstrikes on ISIL forces and for deploying U.S. military personnel to train Iraqi forces.

Does this plan strike the right balance between protecting American security and staying out of a regional conflict that is not our battle to fight? Who knows?

American foreign policy has made lots of mistakes over the past 13 years, but doing nothing would be a worse mistake.

We should all be reminded today that we cannot let a 9/11 happen again.

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