Editorial: "Everybody's Always Welcome"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - While it's nice to have people talking fondly about what they've heard is going on in Montgomery, it's even better when they actually visit to see for themselves. Those visits are resulting in over a million dollars a day in spending.

Montgomery city leaders touted these tourism numbers last week and made sure to mention the roughly $32 million dollars in tax revenue that enters our city coffers annually directly attributable to tourism.

Central to the vitality of any city is the health and prosperity of its downtown. And if you've been to downtown Montgomery lately you have witnessed much progress. New sidewalks, renovated buildings, lofts, restaurants and new office space are just the tip of the iceberg of what everyone that visits our town is seeing. Things like this are what bring people back again and again.

But, it's not just downtown that is on a roll. Look to ASF, the Montgomery Zoo, and the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, just to name a few, for even more reasons people want to spend time and money in Montgomery.

Kudos to all the leaders, both public and private, for their ongoing vision, effort and investments to make Montgomery a place where everybody wants to come and everybody's always welcome.

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