Editorial: "For Your Own Good"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - It's time for Alabama to ban the use of hand-held cell phones while driving. As a matter of fact, it's past time. 14 states already prohibit all drivers from using hand-held cell phones while driving.

Additionally, hand-held cell phone use while driving in those states qualifies as a primary enforcement law, meaning an officer may cite a driver for using a hand-held cell phone without any other traffic offense taking place.

My primary reason for advocating for such a law in Alabama is to get people to stop texting and emailing while driving. I can guarantee you that I will see at least one person while driving home today completely engulfed in a text or email while they are barreling down the road.

Alabama does have a text messaging ban while driving on the books now, but it's not working – at all. So we need to take it to the next level and ban hand-held cell phones before the next unnecessary accident or death takes place.

If you agree with this, then you need to reach out to your Alabama representative immediately and let them know that a life is much more than a text.

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