Editorial: "Viewer Feedback: "For Your Own Good"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Our editorial last week addressing my desire to institute a law and penalties for those not using hands-free cell phone devices while driving led to the following feedback on wsfa.com and our WSFA 12 News station Facebook page…here is just a sampling:

Judy responded with, "Cemeteries are getting crowded with people who thought it was their right to drive and talk. Some are the people who thought they knew how to do it correctly, most are families that have lost loved ones due to the perfect drivers who thought it was their right."

Stacy submitted, "So for those that can't talk and drive at the same time should we also ban passengers? For me it seems far more dangerous for a driver to be looking at the passenger seat talking to someone than facing forward on the phone."

Kimberly wants to add an incentive, "Lower the ad valorem tax on car tags for cars equipped with a blue tooth hands free system."

Lastly, Shane adds, "Not enforceable. Noise ordinance doesn't seem to keep people from playing their car stereos way too loud, what makes you think a cell phone ban would work?

As always, we encourage and appreciate your feedback.

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