Editorial: “Leadership”

Editorial: “Leadership”

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - What the world needs is leadership. What our country needs is leadership. What Alabama needs is leadership. What Montgomery needs is leadership. What each and every one of your families need is leadership.

Don't assume that I am saying we are without leaders and leadership in our world, country, state, town and home – I'm not. What I am saying is we need more people to take on leadership roles and more people willing to contribute to solving the issues before us – whatever they may be and whatever burden doing so will place upon them.

I get so tired listening to those that complain about everything and yet do nothing. They do not offer solutions or contribute their time and energy to solving the problems of the day. Instead they pour all their energy into pointing out all the deficiencies in what others are doing or not doing. Why not use that same time and energy on leading positive change yourself? Especially if you think everyone else is doing it all wrong.

I heard something this week during a speech that resonated with me. The speaker said that everyone has a moral responsibility to participate in the betterment of their community. I couldn't agree more. Can you imagine a world where everyone personally committed to affect positive change no matter how big or small their contribution? The impact would be immediate and transformational.

So the question is – what are you waiting for?

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