Editorial: "Time for a Change"

Editorial: "Time for a Change"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Last week, I delivered an editorial on leadership and the positive influence good leaders can have on others.

A leader can either build an organization up or tear it down based on their decisions and actions.

Here in Montgomery, we have all heard the story of the local pastor who recently revealed he had slept with church members without informing them that he has AIDS, used drugs and mishandled church finances.

All would agree that none of these actions exemplify the characteristics of a leader, especially a trusted church pastor – quite the contrary.

The best thing for this church is for their pastor, the supposed leader of the church, to step down. Right now he is refusing to do so.

By refusing to remove himself, he is holding hostage any hope this church has to move beyond this scandal. As a pastor preaching the word of God, he should know how important faith and trust are.

Certainly this congregation's faith and trust in him has been damaged and in order to move this church forward, it's time for a change.

For that reason, we ask that pastor Juan McFarland remove himself from the church permanently and by doing so, lead by getting out of the way.

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