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Editorial: "Black Eye"


No matter the final outcome - Mike Hubbard, Alabama's Speaker of the House being indicted on 23 felonies is not good for Alabama. The mere fact that one of the most powerful leaders in Alabama politics has been accused of numerous illegal acts will cast yet another corruption black cloud over our state.

Let me state that I am a firm believer in allowing our legal system to run its course and all that are accused should be looked at as innocent until proven guilty. There should not be a rush to judgment. There will however be a rush to opinion. An opinion stoked by years of Alabama political corruption headlines and convictions.

So here we are, waiting on the familiar scripts that will be rolled out by the accused and the accusers while Alabama again takes center stage as the host for yet another political corruption trial. Each side will trade punches in the weeks and months ahead while Alabama will tend to its “black eye” it most surely has already received; a “black eye” that will take time to heal no matter the final outcome.

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