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Editorial: "Promises"


Promises, promises, promises – welcome to another election year in Alabama. Soon it will time for the winners in all the races to deliver, deliver …deliver. During election years we've all become accustomed to the typical candidate rhetoric; rhetoric consumed with words such as liberal, conservative, corruption, change all with the intent to influence, us the voter, to vote for a particular candidate. The fact of the matter is politicians and their teams do a very good job of influencing our perception of what they have done and/or are going to do with well thought out campaigns. They spend an enormous amount of time and money pointing out why we shouldn't vote for their competition and every now and then, why we should vote for them.

This brings me back to this week, the week Alabama voters are casting our votes for our future; a future that rests largely in the leadership of those we put into office. People voted into office based on what we feel they can and will deliver for us and all Alabamians.

Someone once said, “Keep every promise you make and only make promises you can keep.” I don't think it's farfetched for us, the Alabama voter, to expect everyone to keep the promises made on the campaign trail. It's what we bought into when we decided to cast our vote for you and it's what we now expect you to deliver in the years ahead. I'll make this promise to you if you don't follow through with what you said you would do – you won't get my vote next time around. That's a promise.

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