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Editorial: "More than just a Day"


This week our nation honors those who have served our country in the military. Veterans Day for most will come and go without much fanfare or reflection. Most people mark this day on their calendar as nothing more than a “day off” and don't think any more about it. If you don't think about what this day means then you will never appreciate the sacrifices made by brave men and women in order for you to enjoy the freedoms of this great country.

Veterans served our nation unselfishly, risking their lives to protect the country they love. So here's a question: what can we do to unselfishly thank them this week? When was the last time you thanked a veteran for their service? Most people have a veteran in their family which will make this kind and respectful act easy to accomplish. Easy to accomplish, but so frequently overlooked; let's change that.

Whether it's today, this week or this year I would ask that everyone create an opportunity to thank someone who served in our armed forces. So from all of us at WSFA 12 News, we thank you.

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