Acting Attorney General: Hubbard indictment isn't political

Acting Attorney General: Hubbard indictment isn't political

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Acting Attorney General Van Davis released a statement Tuesday on the 23-count indictment against Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubbard.

Hubbard was indicted in October on ethics law violations. He's accused of using his office for personal gain. Hubbard has said the investigation was a case of politics at its worst and called it a political witch hunt.

Davis denied any political agenda with this case and responded with a lengthy statement. He said that Hubbard and his attorneys have made several false allegations that required him to respond as the acting attorney general for this case.



Davis said ethics charges were brought against Hubbard because a grand jury found evidence of crimes and not for political reasons.

Davis said the grand jury heard testimony from more than 150 witnesses over more than 12 months. He called the process fair and thorough.

"... I have no political agenda or purpose for prosecuting Mr. Hubbard. The last time I ran for public office was in 1998 when I was re-elected, as a Republican, to my third-term as District Attorney for Blount and St. Clair County," Davis said.

J. Mark White released a statement on behalf of the Hubbard legal team Tuesday on Davis' comments:

"My office was contacted this morning by members of the media regarding a news release from “Acting Attorney General” W. Van Davis.

The news release acknowledges the fact that significant concerns have been raised about the timing and motivation of the indictment of House Speaker Mike Hubbard.

Unfortunately, the news release also creates legal and ethical issues in addition to those that have already been raised about the manner in which this investigation has been conducted.

Speaker Hubbard's legal team is actively engaged in investigating these issues, and has become aware of the manner in which the prosecution has recently attempted to directly influence the media regarding this case. We will move quickly to present this information in an appropriate forum in a timely manner. Those conducting the investigation of Speaker Hubbard will have and should have a full and fair opportunity to explain and try to defend their conduct, and we look forward to that day.

Unlike the prosecutors in this case, who failed to include in the news release the following acknowledgement mandated under the Alabama Rules of Professional Conduct, we reiterate that the charges against Speaker Hubbard are merely accusations and that Speaker Hubbard is presumed innocent unless proven guilty. Speaker Hubbard is continuing to carry out his duties, and will not be dissuaded by these attempts to damage his name and distract him from the mission his constituents elected him to accomplish."

Hubbard's trial on ethics charges was scheduled to begin Dec. 8. This week, a judge pushed back the start until next year.

He'll meet with prosecutors and defense attorneys Jan. 7 to discuss a timeline for the case.

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