Safety Strategies when Traveling, Visiting the Bank

When Traveling

1. Travel with a companion whenever possible.

2. When waiting on or riding public transportation stand with your feet apart in a balanced position.

3. At bus stops and on buses:

  • keep your back to a wall to avoid being approached from behind
  • use a busy stop, avoid deserted ones
  • always have your fare ready
  • sit in front, near the driver
  • if you suspect that you are being followed don't get off at your regular stop. Choose an alternate, busier one.

4. If you are uncomfortable with your hotel's security -- change hotels.

  • instruct the clerk not to state your room number out loud. If they do then ask for another room.
  • if someone comes to your hotel room unexpectedly (claiming to be room service or maintenance) -- call the front desk for verification before admitting them.
  • check under the bed and in the closets when arriving
  • check the locks on windows, doors to adjoining rooms, and balcony doors.
  • carry and use a "Hotel Lock"; use the door chains the hotel provides; put a chair or glasses in front of the door or put coat hangers on the door knob to alert you if the door is opened.

5. Stand near the control panel in an elevator so you can press the alarm button in case of trouble. If someone you deem suspicious enters the elevator car -- Get off!

When Banking
  • Bank by direct deposit and mail.
  • Deposit checks immediately after receipt.
  • If you must walk to the bank don't go alone and vary your routes and times of deposit.
  • Put your cash away before you leave the window
  • Avoid using cash machines when alone.