The Ballot's In: The Postman Delivers a Bronze Star

Montgomery is welcoming home a new war hero, a man who faced mortar fire in Kuwait, commanded troops all over the war theatre, and did a very stressful job during some pretty hectic  and politically charged times. He's wearing a new medal for doing it.

Surrounded by family for the first time in more than a year, Major John Moody is a happy man. Montgomery is far different from Kuwait, and he has a new decoration to wear, a freshly minted Bronze Star.

To understand why Moody got the new hardware, you have to go all the way back to November 2000. Florida, the land of the hanging chad, and where critics claimed thousands of military ballots went uncounted.

Moody explained, "There were problems because the ballots didn't get back in time, one was because of the postmarking, a bunch of other errors the postal system had at the time."

Florida wasn't the only place reformists wanted change. So did the military. Moody and his team of postal workers figured out a way to deliver ballots to troops and get them back with great efficiency.

"Out of the 70-thousand soldiers that voted during this election, only 70 ballots was returned to sender because we flat couldn't find 'em," Moody said.

And so, with generals pushing the idea along, the Army said well done and gave the lawman turned postman a new star of bronze. Major Moody is an Army reservist, and his time on active duty is over. So, after a short vacation, he's returning to his original job. He's a Montgomery county sheriff's deputy, working in investigations.