Editorial: "Ferguson"

Editorial: "Ferguson"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Following the grand jury's decision in Ferguson, Missouri last week hundreds of people took it upon themselves to express their anger by destroying businesses and property. These folks took to the streets in masses with bats, rocks, guns and fire to inflict "pain" on whatever was in their way. Many of the businesses burned down by those misguided and mindless marauders were black-owned businesses. Even a church building was destroyed.

With the world watching, there was a real moment in time opportunity to engage the Ferguson community on the issues that led to such unrest. But instead, it was wasted as thieves and arsonists looted and pillaged innocent, uninvolved businesses and property.

And I sat disgusted as I watched this misdirected anger take center stage. These selfish actions undoubtedly cast a shadow on the issues at hand and will make it harder to have constructive and meaningful talks to move this city forward; harder but not impossible.

As the embers cool and tempers calm, we hope that this town will recover and rebuild. Ferguson, Missouri is a microcosm of our country and could be a shining example of how a community and law enforcement can come together and work together to bring about change.

The world is still watching.

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