Sex Offenders Recognize their Problems

In order to fully understand rape and what causes it, you have to look at the offender. Hopefully by examining the psychology of a rapist you can learn the characteristics to watch out for and perhaps this next story will even help would-be rapists to recognize their problem. Eileen Jones sat down Wednesday with a group of convicted sex offenders.

If it is true that to solve a problem you must first understand it, then that's what these three sex offenders are trying to do. They are a part of a support group that meets twice a week to analyze why they did what they did. One thing William Casey learned -- watching pornography every day was the beginning of his downfall and he now warns others who think that the practice may be innocent.

"You might can control it but someday it will wind up controlling you to where you say this is what I want to do and nothing else is going to matter really," warns Casey.

Harold Fain watched pornography too and that he says started the cycle which lead to wild thoughts and then the forced acts which he says he couldn't control. "I know that everyone fantasizes about something. Whether it's sex or food or a car. I fantasize that I can see myself driving that new Porsche but there's a line there that you can't step over and I stepped across that line." He was abused sexually when he was five and he remembers that helpless feeling. and most rapist feel they will never be helpless again "and they always feel like they need to be in control. Most of the guys that got sex cases are controlling people."

All three agree that rape or sodomy aren't about sex but about power or making bad choices in trying to feel whole when they're actually feeling very empty inside.