Editorial: "Agree to Disagree"

Editorial: "Agree to Disagree"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Former Montgomery Police Chief Kevin Murphy will soon be back on the job, this time as the number two man at the Montgomery County Sheriff's office. Mayor Todd Strange is on the record saying this is "problematic."

Sheriff-elect Derek Cunningham does not report to Mayor Strange and is on the record saying as much.

While each law enforcement agency operates independently, there are times when coordination of resources (personnel and economic) take place. For this reason, Mayor Strange, Sheriff-elect Cunningham and Kevin Murphy need to agree to disagree and move on.

By agreeing to disagree, no one is admitting they were wrong and no one has to apologize for what took place in the past. What it can do is set the stage for positive collaboration between the MPD and the Sheriff's office in the months and years ahead to perform their mission.

A new Montgomery Police Chief is scheduled to be announced next week and this relationship will be front and center. We hope protecting and serving the citizens in our area will lead all decisions and if it takes a gritted teeth hand shake to rebuild what is apparently broken – so be it. Let's just get it done.

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