WSFA 12 News Editorial: Spirit of Giving

WSFA 12 News Editorial: Spirit of Giving

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - I have great news to share and it's all because of you! Last week WSFA 12 News held our annual "12's Day of Giving" and boy did you deliver for those in need. In one day, our community/you contributed $33,276 dollars, 10,245 pounds of food and 3,783 toys (plus another 62 bikes/scooters).

I witnessed a number of you firsthand delivering your donations after work, on a lunch break or with your kids after school.

I can't tell you how heartwarming it was to witness such giving in an unselfish manner. It was this very reason, having seen this very thing in years past, that I asked my son to come out to the 12's Day event this year.

My hope is that by him witnessing such selfless giving that it would make an impression on him for the rest of his life. An impression that would lead him to understand that true joy and happiness comes in the service of others.

Thank you River Region for stepping up again this year and being a truly special place filled with special people.

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