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Hubbard seeks dismissal of ethics charges

(Source: Lee County Sheriff's Office) (Source: Lee County Sheriff's Office)

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) - Lawyers for House Speaker Mike Hubbard have asked a judge to dismiss felony ethics charges against the powerful Republican.

Hubbard's attorneys filed two motions Friday seeking to get the charges tossed. Hubbard's attorneys said publicity about the investigation threatens Hubbard's right to a fair trial.

Hubbard's lawyers said there are questions about the integrity of the investigation. They asked a judge to hold a hearing on if grand jury secrecy laws were broken by prosecutors or witnesses.

Defense lawyers argued in another motion that prosecutors appointed by Attorney General Luther Strange lacked proper legal authority to run the investigation.

A grand jury in October indicted Hubbard on felony ethics charges accusing him of using his public offices for personal gain. Hubbard says he is innocent.

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