Jeff's Journal - 01/06/05

The way I see it, who needs a poll to validate Auburn's accomplishment, anyway?

The Tigers record, 13-0, speaks for itself. Undefeated in the SEC regular season. Winning the SEC Championship. And the Sugar Bowl. Along the way, Auburn defeated five teams in the final top 20. Not even Southern Cal can say that.

That's a dream season. It's not Auburn's fault that it happened during Southern Cal's dynasty.

Sadly, until we get a postseason playoff, the Auburn scenario will be repeated in some form or fashion, with deserving teams left out of future championship games. That's a shame.

In Tommy Tuberville's formal press conference the day before the Sugar Bowl, reporters asked not a single question about Virginia Tech. It was 25 minutes of BCS, polls, and being left out of the Orange Bowl. The controversy detracted from the Sugar Bowl matchup. I'm sure Tuberville and the Auburn players are tired of talking about it. Can't say I blame them.

The good news: with the Associated Press pulling out of the BCS, we get one small step closer to the inevitable playoff.

While we were in New Orleans, we caught up with former WSFA 12 sports guys Lee Zurik and Todd Rossnagel. Liston Eddins said he thought of Todd when Bret Eddins "face planted" L-S-U's quarterback in September. "That sack was a ROSS!" Liston told Todd.

Todd anchors the morning and noon news in Baton Rouge. He and his wife Jen are expecting their second child. Abby's baby brother Blake is due next month.

Lee is the weekend sports anchor at WWL-TV in New Orleans, his hometown. Sorry ladies. Lee is about to be off the market. He's marrying New Orleans native Jennifer Good in June. That leaves John Heckman in undisputed possession of the title, "Montgomery's Most Eligible Bachelor."

Next time you're in New Orleans, make sure you add these two stops to your "Must See" list: Port of Call (it's quite simply the world's best cheeseburger). And the National D-Day Museum. There you'll see why Tom Brokaw calls Americans who came of age during World War II the "Greatest Generation."

Hope you're keeping your resolutions, so far!

See you next week.  God bless - Jeff