Daily Show mocks Alabama over unborn protection law

Daily Show mocks Alabama over unborn protection law

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Comedy Central's satirical news magazine "The Daily Show"

aired a segment Friday called "The Unborn Ultimatum" that mocked Alabama's HB494 -- a law that protects unborn fetuses.

"If you can't afford an attorney, Alabama has got your back...until the day you're born," the satirical report explains.

The segment features Montgomery attorney Julian McPhillips as well as Susan Watson, the executive director of the Alabama ACLU.

"HB494 sets aside money for an attorney, appointed by the law, to protect the interests of the person on whose benefit they are appointed," McPhillips explains.

The show's reporter, Jessica Williams, extols, "You sort of defend the defenseless..."

The interviewer, between explaining how she though the Alabama state bird is the electric chair and pondering how Alabama became a bastion for civil rights, peppers McPhillips with such probing questions as: "You get a call from a fetus about legal representation. Then what happens?" or "What happens to a fetus who eats his own twin en utero?" 

"That would never happen," McPhillips says of the concept, later saying the odds are 1 in a billion. 

"It happens in like 1 out of 88 multi-fetal pregnancies..." Williams retorts. "It makes a conscious choice to gobble up its twin, and you're just going to let him walk?" 

McPhillips, visibly frustrated, tells Williams she's, "playing in the theater of the absurd." 

Williams' interview with the law's opposition is no less uncomfortable as Watson finds herself explaining that abortions are not called "abo-bos".

Watson, stern in her explanations of how the ACLU believes HB494 keeps pregnant women from having an abortion by "running out the clock" on a pregnancy with appeals, says once time is up, "We have a parent."

"Oh [expletive]. That's how babies are made in Alabama!" Williams exclaims as Watson looks on. 

HB494 was passed in the 2014 legislative session and signed into law by Governor Robert Bentley on April 3. The ACLU filed suit to stop the law. It remains under litigation.

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Mobile user? Watch the Daily Show segment here: http://thedailyshow.cc.com/videos/ouq3mw/the-unborn-ultimatum

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