Guest Editorial: "Friends to the End"

Guest Editorial: "Friends to the End"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - In response to our editorial reflecting on the failure of our country to show gratitude to airmen such as Clarence Huntley and Joseph Shambrey upon their return from World War II, because of their color, we received these comments.

Yvonne wrote: They did not receive the praise and gratitude they deserved by American citizens, but they will definitely be acknowledged and rewarded by God. That's all that can make it worthwhile in the end. I, for one am proud of their commitment and courage they gave to this country.

Ann said: Vietnam vets were mistreated by ALL when they came home too. Sad the way people treat ANYONE who has fought for their country. God Bless these men and thank you for your service!!

Johnsie commented: Thank you for your acknowledgement. So many ignored them for so long. They played a very important part in our history.

Another viewer wrote: When I read this I was without words.

As always, we appreciate your comments.

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