Editorial: "Thank You"

Editorial: "Thank You"

It's been my high honor to serve as the Vice President and General Manager of this great station, WSFA 12 News, for the past four years and four before that as its General Sales Manager. You have graciously allowed this station into your home and in doing so allowed me during our newscasts to introduce many different editorial topics over the years for you to consider. Topics that include: veteran's affairs, texting laws, Medicaid, bullying and gambling rights...to name just a few. While we haven't always agreed on my commentary, we did at least have a vehicle to elicit debate and share thoughtful responses. That is what our editorials are meant to do, and these will continue with my successor, Eric Duncan, in the weeks ahead.

This will be my last editorial on WSFA 12 News as I am moving to our Raycom Media television station FOX 6 WBRC in Birmingham on Monday to be their next Vice President and General Manager. So with that said I have a lot of people to thank. Number one, thank you to the greatest team of television professionals I have ever worked with. WSFA 12 News is one of the strongest television stations in America and it is because of the dedicated and talented people that work here. You will all be truly missed.  Thank you to Raycom Media for believing in me and giving me a shot to lead this wonderful station and its people. Thank you to my wonderful family that supports me in this 24/7 career that I have chosen. Last and certainly not least, thank you to everyone in the River Region who has made the last eight years living here some of the best in mine and my family's lives. 

Someone once said, "Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened." I will always smile when I think of WSFA 12 News and everyone in the River Region who made this place our home.

I wish you all peace, love, health and happiness. Goodbye.

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