Guest Editorial: "Feedback - Who gets to decide?"

Guest Editorial: "Feedback - Who gets to decide?"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - In response to my guest editorial last week suggesting that Alabama is fighting a losing battle against the federal courts on same sex marriage, we received these comments among others.

Kenny said:

"It is time for those who oppose it to realize that they have lost that fight and justice has prevailed as it always has."

Harold wrote:

"The Republicans want to save tax money, but they are willing to spend it on this. Shame on them."

Another viewer commented:

"We the people of Alabama decided that we do not want gay marriage in our state…

We obviously said, 'NO!' There is nothing left to say."

Rick said:

"A State cannot win in a U.S. federal court on these issues. Leave our rights alone!"

Katherine wrote:

"When the people vote to reject something by an 81% margin and then a judge just strikes it down… What is the point in voting? Wasting tax payers' dollars?

And Valerie commented:

"Well, I think the Supremacy Clause pretty much answers that, especially as it relates to civil rights and/or discrimination."

As always, we welcome your comments.

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