Guest Editorial: Why do I need books and libraries?

Guest Editorial: Why do I need books and libraries?

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Everyone would agree that sprawling out on a couch and watching an exercise video does not provide any actual exercise. Likewise, viewing a movie does not provide the mental exercise that reading a book would.

When you read a description of a character off a page, your mind is free to conjure up your own vision, not just blandly accept how some director thinks the character should appear.

Reading is important because it shows what words look like in the context of sentences. It explains, without explaining, when to use their...T-H-E-I-R, instead of T-H-E-R-E. Books help kids master language and improve comprehension scores.

I respectfully encourage parents to make it a habit to read to their children often, and to see that each child of reading age has a library card, so that they may have access to this bountiful resource.

Steve Badalamenti
Dadeville Library Board President

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