AEA Executive Treasurer Henry Mabry resigns

AEA Executive Treasurer Henry Mabry resigns

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Henry Mabry, the Executive Treasurer for the Alabama Education Association, has announced he is resigning to pursue other opportunities.

The AEA board notified Mabry in February that he would be facing a pre-termination hearing.

The AEA suffered its most unsuccessful election cycle in 2014, after sinking tens of millions of dollars in the general election, without winning a single race.

"The Alabama Democratic Party strongly supports public education for every child," said Nancy Worley, Chair of Alabama Democratic Party, back in February. "As a result, we support the organizations that represent the best majority of public education employees and students in the state of Alabama. We want that organization to be strong and viable and have strong leadership to lead public education forward."

[DOCUMENT: AEA board audit statement (.pdf)]

"He was by far the best candidate for the job AEA had, then as well as now," said Dana Mabry, Henry's wife, back in February. "He has recently met with Governor Bentley as well as many lawmakers across the state, and we were looking forward to the brightest and most productive legislative session that Alabama schools, school children, and AEA have seen since 2010. They have lost sight of what is important, rather it appears to have been a popularity contest."

The news of the pre-termination hearing came months after the death of Dr. Paul Hubbert, known for bolstering the union into highly influential ranks in state politics.

Hubbert sent a letter to the AEA board members in 2014 voicing his concern that the association was in immediate danger. 

In response to the letter, the AEA completed a comprehensive independent audit of the association's finances and operations. The Board was briefed in detail of the audit findings on Friday. 

The AEA released a statement in February saying that the audit results concerned the board about the lack of financial control, appropriate checks and balances and substantial evidence of the failure of Mabry to meet his obligations towards the sound financial operation of AEA.  

During Hubbert's tenure, he and associate executive secretary, Dr. Joe Reed, grew AEA membership from 21,000 in 1969 to 100,000 in 2011, when both retired.

Hubbert and Reed are widely known for helping secure pay raises for teachers and winning legislative passage of the Public Education Employees Health Insurance Plan, or PEEHIP, and the Fair Dismissal Act.

Alabama Speaker of the House Mike Hubbard (R-Auburn) released this statement on the leadership change at the Alabama Education Association: 

"The AEA leadership over the last four years has been unwilling and unable to work with the Republican supermajority in the Alabama Legislature. My hope is that fresh, new leadership within that organization will be willing to cooperate in implementing needed reforms in our public schools, which will improve education opportunities for teachers, parents, and students alike."

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