Guest Editorial: Graduation is your beginning

Guest Editorial: Graduation is your beginning

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - We in America face a number of threats to our way of life. All of us know the threats to our nation's security at home and abroad. Just because we live in Montgomery or maybe even in a rural part of Alabama, that doesn't mean we cannot be affected by these threats.

We often think of threats as coming through a terrorist group. Or, maybe a hostile foreign country. But I think there is an even greater threat than another foreign country or any one terrorist. To me, the greatest threat to homeland security is the lack of education of our own people.

Yes, the fact that our young people are dropping out of school means they are dropping out of society. Then what happens? We are all left to deal with the consequences. We pack our prisons, lock our doors and hope for the best.

But there is a cure. Education.

The Alabama Department of Education has made it a key goal to increase the graduation rates for Alabama students. That's why we at the Mattie C. Stewart Foundation are proud to partner with them in bringing a message of reality and hope to Alabama's young people.

A documentary called InsideOut was filmed in two of Alabama's maximum security prisons. It is a film where inmates passionately ask young people to please stay in school. Otherwise, the chances are high that a dropout will end up in prison.

March 2nd through 6th is InsideOut Week in the state of Alabama. The goal is for every student in the state to see the InsideOut documentary.

Please be alert for this opportunity in your town and in your school to make a stand for homeland security.

Dr. Shelley Stewart
Founder and President, The Mattie C. Stewart Foundation
Founder and CEO, o2ideas

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