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Editorial: Remembering our history

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The Civil Rights Movement was in full swing by the end of 1963, but the events of 1964 and early 1965 dramatically accelerated the pace of change. Bloody Sunday sparked President Lyndon Johnson to propose the Voter Rights Act within a week of the incident on the Edmund Pettus Bridge. Selma, Montgomery and the entire River Region were the focal point for change for an entire country.

History reminds us of when we were at our best and our worst, it is important for us to remember both. Fifty years ago a group of very brave men and women decided to stand up for what they knew was right, and they began to walk. There were many obstacles, some were expected and some were not. Regardless, they continued to move forward. Many of those same men and women are still moving forward today, inspiring others to walk with them.

This weekend, the spotlight of the nation will again shine on the River Region as we celebrate our history. Dignitaries and celebrities from across the country will descend upon our area to celebrate this 50th anniversary. We should celebrate the high points and remember the low points. I hope each of you take a moment over the next few days to be thankful for how far our country has come while still being mindful of where we need to go.

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