Marchers find irony in re-enactment walk from Selma to Montgomery

Marchers find irony in re-enactment walk from Selma to Montgomery
Making the first leg of the march from Selma to Montgomery (Source: WSFA 12 News)

SELMA, AL (WSFA) - It had all the markings of poetic justice. Harold Richardson noticed it right away.

"It's the way it should be. In 1965 it was state troopers who were at the foot of the bridge beating us back across. Now they have the privilege and pleasure of escorting us all the way to the capitol," said Richardson.

Richardson was among the 150 marchers who are participating in the full reenactment walk this week from Selma to Montgomery. With troopers leading the way with flashing lights, marchers sang while others steadily beat a peace drum.

Julia LaBarbera is from Colorado.

"I'm celebrating the march and its history and how far we've come," she says.

Closer to home Robert Binion drove in from Clanton, Alabama.

"As people of the United States of America, it says in the Constitution it's justice for all," Binion explained.

Away from the walk on Highway 80 East clean up crews in Selma began the heavy lifting of picking up barricades and trash.

"Right now we're just trying to clean up what we messed up," said Selma Mayor George Evans.

Mayor Evans says he is pleased overall how the weekend turned out considering at least 120,000 people spent their weekend in Selma celebrating the 50th. Evans estimates the city earned an extra $500,000 in sales tax revenues.

Back on Highway 80 East the marchers covered the first 11 miles on the first day ending at mile marker 98. They have 43 miles to go, four days away from the state capital on foot.

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