Guest Editorial: Making the Act an Amendment

Guest Editorial: Making the Act an Amendment

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - In 1965 when the Selma to Montgomery march took place I was 11-years-old and a bystander to history. My home was about 3 blocks from the City of St. Jude, and during the "Night of Stars" my mom drove us by the back gate so we could peer in and catch a glimpse of the happenings.

Now 50 years later I have a question and a challenge for those who come behind me and stand in the shadows of those who are gone. Let us begin again to demand that the Federal Government finally make the Voting Rights Act an AMENDMENT to the Constitution, restored in is original form from 1965 rather than to be renewed every seven years.

That's right, it is not a law - only an ACT, which means Congress and the Supreme Court can change it or edit it at their pleasure.

This is why we have Voter ID laws and District Gerrymandering. We need to take a stand now before its too late. It's time to work as ONE again.

Rose McCall

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