Human Waste Bubbling To The Top In Andalusia

In front of Joey Gunter's mobile home in Andalusia, there is a river of stench.

"It's a mess. You can see toilet paper and feces," says Gunter.

The problem is underground; old pipes corroding under the weight of time. What makes the smell even worse is the fact the entire mobile home park is on the same system, meaning every time there's a toilet-flush, the waste rises to top in front of Gunter's home. Gunter says he had no choice but to uncap the line at his place because if he didn't, the mess would have backed up in his home just like it did last August when the problem first started.

"When we came in one day, we saw the sewage backed up in our bath tub and it spilled onto the floor," Gunter says.

Two phone messages to the mobile park's owner so far have gone unanswered, but he did reportedly tell residents he will start repairing the line on Monday. WSFA 12 News has learned he told the Covington County Health Department the same thing. In fact, the agency has started legal proceedings against the owner since a leaky sewage is a violation of state law.

However, Gunter says there is one problem; everyone who lives here in what's known as the Old Bullard Mobile Park has heard the same thing before.

"He's been saying Mondays since August. That's a lot of Mondays," Gunter says.

Joey Gunter and his mom thought about moving but it's too expensive. For now Gunter will continue to hold his nose and keep digging a trench, anything they say to snuff out the odor that's fouling up the country air.

The mobile home park consists of about 23 homes. The price tag on that kind of repair job is around $20,000.

Even though it smells horrible, the Covington County Health Department says the exposed sewage does not pose a health risk unless it touches skin.