County Road 12: Behind the Scenes at ASF

County Road 12: Behind the Scenes at ASF

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - If you've ever been to the Alabama Shakespeare Festival you know what a treasure it is for the whole state. The facilities and the actors are top notch.

While we all see the folks on stage, it takes a whole lot of people to pull these productions off. We got a chance to go behind the scenes as crews geared up for The Importance of Being Earnest. The planning starts about a year before the actors hit the stage. The the real labor starts about a month before the curtains go up.

"I went to school for this," said Rachael Silverman who's with the paint crew. "This is my life."

She's worked in theaters all over the country. The audience will never see her, but her work brings a play to life.

"We put our heart and soul into this production."

Silverman is not alone.

"Each show has a director and designers," said Production manager Ahkim Church. "There's a costume designer, a set designer, a sound designer, and a light designer. These four work together with the director to come up with how it looks and how it sounds. Everything you see is done by hand in house. It's not bought anywhere, it's all constructed."

There are the folks building the set, painting the props, fine tuning the sound, and making the costumes.

"We have about a dozen people in here doing all kinds of things for the production of costumes," said costume producer Jeffrey Tod Hunter. "Typically I would say 60-100 hours and three or four people to make this costume."

So the next time you take in a show, remember, there may be 10 people on the stage, but there's a huge crew behind the scenes building, painting, and sewing before the curtains ever go up.

You can find all the play times and dates on the ASF website.

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