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Editorial: New Bill on Bikes

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It is finally spring and everybody wants to get out and enjoy the warmer weather. That means a lot more bikes on the road and in your neighborhood. If Alabama senators get their way, drivers will need to be far more cautious of cyclists on the road. The state senate approved a bill Tuesday that requires motorists to leave at least five feet of space when passing a bicycle.

Bikes are no match for a car even at slow speeds. This bill helps to raise awareness when it comes to sharing the road.

Yes it can be frustrating to get stuck behind one or a group of cyclist but maybe it's also a good reminder for us to slow down a little and be a little more attentive behind the wheel. That five-foot distance should be something we drivers adhere to even if this bill doesn't get passed. Safety just makes good sense and someone's life is well worth the extra 30 seconds it might take you to get where you were going.

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