Homicide victim's family speaks out following teen's arrest

Homicide victim's family speaks out following teen's arrest

MONTGOMERY CO., AL (WSFA) - Shenita James was shot and killed on December 24th 2014 during a robbery gone wrong with Jhavarske Jackson accused of pulling the trigger.

Christmas Eve will never be the same as the 18-year-old's alleged actions have shattered the lives of the James family.

“That's the heartbreaking part, because that's when family is supposed to come together and show each other love, he should have been at home with his family so she could have been home with her family that night but instead he took her life,” says James' best friend and big sister, Valerie Holmes.

James' family says she was truly an innocent bystander protecting her children.

“He knocked on her son's car window, and tried to rob him. He just started firing shots, shots firing blanks and then one hit her,' said James' first cousin, Kadeejah Casby.

Shenita's cousin and best friend say she would have given Jhavarske Jackson whatever he wanted.

"She would have gave it to him if ask for it, literally, she was at Wal Mart and a lady said I like your purse, she dumped everything out of her purse and gave the lady her purse, so that's what type of woman she was, she was very caring,” said Casby.

James' family says Jackson knew of her, and had a relationship with his mother and baby brother.

“It's a loss on both sides you know what I'm saying, for real man, somebody will never see the street again, he lost his life by going the wrong direction that's a life lost,” says James' uncle, Christopher James.

Although justice has been served, a family continues to grieve a life lost too soon.

It's burden off of our shoulders just to know he's not out here, he can't hurt anyone, he can't hurt her kids, or her family,” said Holmes.

"They got him, thank god for that man, but it's still not going to bring our baby back, it's just not going to bring her back,” sobs Christopher.

James leaves behind a son and a daughter,  the two teenagers who witnessed this heinous crime. While James' family knows Jackson's family, they say there is no ill will between the two families and as Shenita's uncle puts it, this is nothing that god can't fix.

James' family says they will be present at Jackson's court proceedings.

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