WSFA 12 Editorial: "Viewer Feedback"

WSFA 12 Editorial: "Viewer Feedback"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Recent editorials have prompted a number of great responses. Here are a few of those responses.

In regards to the editorial on the possibility of special sessions in the Legislature.

Viki Farris shared: If they cannot do the job, they need to be fired. Budget should always come first.

Kim Schieffer said: Things are probably getting done just not the main things Bentley wants.

Yvonne Williford wrote: If everyone knew how our legislators waste time and money they would be outraged. They drag their feet and socialize and get absolutely nothing accomplished. And still walk around with their noses straight up. We need to hit them where it hurts and make it to where they HAVE to balance the budget or hit the road, no special sessions included.

And Cherise Carter wrote : I seem to recall that if I cost my boss extra money goofing off instead of getting the job done in the allotted amount of time, I got fired. I think the same should apply.

On the topic of the State's overcrowded prisons:

Marcus Spooney wrote: About time!!! You have all these nonviolent offenders in prison ranging from child support, to possession of an ounce of weed it's ludicrous... But if you ask me if they really want to "rehabilitate", instead of more prisons open up job training programs give those young men and women a fighting chance when they get out... Real rehabilitation

Deanna Chira had a different take: Maybe if prison actually felt like punishment, more people would change their ways. TV, gym time, socialization? Do away with it.

And Nan Davis said: The reality is prison cannot be used as it was intended due to overcrowding and the extreme lack of officers it needs. As things stand now it is stressful on inmates and more importantly DOC officers. I pray that soon there will be some relief for everyone involved.

Thank you to everyone who sent in responses as always we think it is important to hear from you and to get your opinion on these or any other topic that is important to you.

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