Habitat for Humanity fires Founder

AMERICUS, Ga.(AP)_ Habitat for Humanity has fired founder Millard Fuller after a lengthy dispute over allegations of "inappropriate conduct" toward a female staffer.

The board's executive committee cited months of conflict between Fuller, a self-made millionaire from Alabama, and the board over charges that he made sexual advances during a 2003 business trip and Fuller's lack of cooperation with the investigation.

While the board found there was "insufficient evidence" to substantiate the charges, Fuller agreed late last year to step aside as CEO. In a compromise, he retained the largely ceremonial title of founder and president.

Yesterday, Habitat for Humanity also terminated the employment of Fuller's wife, Linda, who co-founded the Christian home-building organization with him 28 years ago. Retirement benefits are being negotiated.

Fuller called the announcement "an unfortunate turn of events." He said he knew the board was unhappy with statements he had made to the media about the board's handling of the investigation.

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