Prattville Athletes Questioned in Basketball Game Brawl - Montgomery Alabama news.

updated February 3, 9:52 a.m.

Prattville Athletes Questioned in Basketball Game Brawl

It's a longtime tradition - WSFA's party for football scholarship winners. Now, sources close to Prattville Hight School say four athletes at the WSFA studio Wednesday -D.J. Harrison, Gerard Anderson, C.J. Brown and Rico Albert - were questioned about Tuesday night's brawl in Prattville's gym. And during an interview with Derek Steyer, Brown admitted other players were involved, saying, "there were a couple of athletes, mostly the basketball players on our team, whatever, and they just got into an argument that escalated into a brawl."

Parents are also upset about security. Usually there's only one officer at a home game. The school hired an additional officer and Prattville Police sent two more.  And the video shows four police officers at the game. But was that enough? Parents claim several students, including members of the girls basketball team, warned school officials the fight would happen.

Prattville Police Chief Alfred Wadsworth says, "there was information received. We were contacted. Prattville and Millbrook is a big rivalry, and apparently there were students that had some differences away from school, and we understood there may be a potential problem up there, so we put some additional personnel there last night."

District Attorney Randall Houston says police have signed six arrest warrants on juveniles; they expect to sign three more warrants on adults. That's in addition to the three that police arrested last night on the scene.

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