Guest Editorial: Why I don't support Common Core

Guest Editorial: Why I don't support Common Core

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - As a father of four, with one child still in the Montgomery school system; I strongly oppose the College and Career Ready Standards. Otherwise known as Common Core.

Common Core directly violates three federal statutes that emphasize, the Dept. of Education has no legal authority and is prohibited from controlling any aspect of education, including curriculums [SIC] and instructional materials. Though cleverly disguised in its origin, C.C. is a bait and switch, where the government dangles federal dollars to entice states to adopt it's [SIC] standards; then systematically wrestles control from parents and local school boards.

Common Core's main architect, majored in philosophy and sociology and was not an educator. It is filled with social indoctrinations leading young minds into certain patterns of thought. Education should be about reading, math, science, and critical thought. It should never seek to replace parents, when it comes to instilling values.

Because of constant testing, many children are experiencing serious emotional issues. States that have implemented these standards, have seen a significant rise in self mutilation in elementary aged children. 500 early childhood developers warned, that these standards will harm early learners.

Furthermore, CC grades students on an ethnic scale. Asians having the highest expectations, African Americans the lowest. This means two students can receive the same grade but not produce the same work. Clearly, CC is a mistake that needs correcting.

I urge our state legislators, to protect the law, ensure parental rights, and defend our hurting children by voting YES on AL. SB101.

Troy Towns

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