Editorial: National Peace Officers Memorial Day

Editorial: National Peace Officers Memorial Day

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - May 15th is National Peace Officers Memorial Day. We have these obscure dates that come up with very little fan fair, but there are some that really should get more recognition. For me National Peace Officers Memorial Day is definitely one of those days.

It takes a very special person to be a law enforcement officer. It is a calling much more than it is a job. On a daily basis they know that they will run forward into a bad situation while others are running away from it. They know that every day when they leave their family they are going out to keep them, and others safe from harm, and in some cases safe from themselves.

Two of the finest men I know are law enforcement officers. One spent thirty five years as a Federal Agent and the other twenty five years as a State Police officer. Both left the house everyday knowing that their job was to protect the public and respect those that they were there to protect. I know this because one is my father and the other is my brother.

There has been a lot of public scrutiny of police officers across the nation. Some of that has been deserved. Just like in all professions, there are a small percentage that are just not good people. Again like most professions, the overwhelming majority are good honest people just trying to do the right thing. People like my father and brother.

Take time this week to remember those that have given their lives so that yours would be safer. If you see a police officer take the extra ten seconds to walk up and thank them for their service and for the sacrifice that they are making for all of us.

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