Neighbor Witnesses Dog Mauling

It began as a typical afternoon for Barbara Pilkington. "I was on my way home and I passed her walking as she often did," said Jeanette Davis. But when Davis pulled into her drive she heard an awful commotion. "I heard he's killing her he's killing her."

She ran towards Pilkington. "The pit bull had her by the neck like a piece of meat," Davis recalls.

Neighbors did their best to get the pit bull off Pilkington. "They had planks and poles trying to get him off, but he wouldn't turn loose," Davis said.

Neighbors say this is not the first time they had a problem with this owner and his dog. Police tell WSFA 12 News he was recently arrested for animal cruelty. "He was arrested several months ago for beating a dog to death," stated Ronald Docimo, Lanett Police Chief.

There are also allegations of a prior complaint from Pilkington. Docimo says "There are allegations from the victim's son that the victim had complained before about this dog."

As for Davis, it's a harsh reality. "You can be here one moment, the next your gone. That's what happened here."

Police have not release the dog owner's name. He could face criminally negligent homicide or manslaughter.