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MCPSS looks to outfit every school bus with cameras


An Alabama school bus safety bill is waiting on a signature from the governor and if signed into law, it would allow school systems like Mobile County Public Schools to put cameras on their buses.

Mobile County Public School officials say it happens every day. When the school bus stops and the stop sign opens to the side, a car will pass anyway, endangering students walking across the street. Currently the school system says it has no way to stop or catch these dangerous drivers, but they hope to be able to outfit every bus with cameras starting in December.

Last year the school was able to put cameras on a handful of buses as a trial run. One video shows kids running out of the way as a car barrels through the stop arm. Then from a different camera angle, you see the car speed off.

Parents agree that it has become a serious safety concern.

"You see all the time people going around the danger zones when traffic is supposed to stop," said Jessica Finneman, a parent of two children who attend Mobile County Public Schools.

According to Transportation Supervisor, Pat Mitchell, during the trial run they identified 60 violations in just one week.

"It only takes one time that a child could be struck or injured because of someone driving through the stop arm," Mitchell said.

If the bill is signed into law, there would be 12 cameras on every bus. Several would go on the stop arm and the rest would be put strategically around the bus.

According to Mitchell it would not cost tax payers a dime. He says the company that provides the cameras is funded by citations, and the school might actually profit, too. Mitchell says about 15-20 percent of the citation money would go back to the school system.

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