3rd Place - Raydia Osborne

How I Plan to Help the World by Being a Future Black Leader

In society, being a leader and not a follower is very important. As a leader, one should step up and take a chief position in improving his community and encourage others to show concern and be a leader also. Being an African American leader, however, is even more important because it gives one the opportunity not only to lead his community, but to also lead other African-Americans and encourage them to be active in the community. As a Black leader of America, my main initiative would be not to represent just the people of my race, but all other underrepresented races in America, for a leader is a person who strengthens and drives all people so that they may come together to improve America as a whole. As an African-American leader, I would go about improving the welfare of African-Americans as well as that of America by motivating my people to success and by encouraging them to give back to their communities. Even if one's busy schedule does not permit taking time to join a local organization, it is very easy to donate money to different organizations for various causes.

If a leader focuses on the well-being of one group and succeeds, it is also his duty to ensure that that group reaches out and shares its success with others by giving back to the community. One way of doing this is by being active in politics. Though it has risen in the past few years, the number of African Americans who vote is still low because many of them feel that it is not important to vote or feel that their one vote will not count. They must realize that they are American citizens and have a major impact on America's decisions. By not being involved, many African-Americans are sending the message that they are not concerned with their country or that they are not significant enough to have an impact on decisions that will improve America. Another way of helping the community is being active in community service. More African-Americans should be involved in community activities such as blood drives or join organizations that help maintain the environment. More African-Americans are needed in tutoring programs so that they can take part in helping future generations.

Being a African-American leader, I would strive not only to represent all African- Americans, but to motivate them also. Part of the cause of the hardships of African- Americans is not just inequality, but a lack of motivation of the race as a whole to want to improve. Today's generation of African-Americans are less motivated than their ancestors to obtain rights and achieve success. African-Americans involved in the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960's fought the government and risked their lives to obtain rights and equality for their generation and for future generations. Surely, they did not intend for their struggle to be in vain and have today's African-Americans not live up to their fullest potential and not use their rights to the furthest extent. Though many African- Americans are very industrious and make use of their advantages, many remain content with settling for the least, not pursuing education and having to settle for minimum wage jobs.

Being an African-American leader means leading African-Americans other races. Ensuring the well-fare of African-Americans will lead to the overall good of America. Through active roles in government, community service and a drive to want to succeed and influence other Americans, they can contribute to the improvement of their communities as well as America as a whole.