Editorial: Viewer feedback on proposed cigarette tax

Editorial: Viewer feedback on proposed cigarette tax

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - A few weeks ago I did an editorial on the idea of increasing the cigarette tax. There were many responses, some for, but mostly against the idea.

Here are a few of those responses.

Kathy wrote: Smokers didn't put the state in debt, why should it be put on our backs to fix the budget?

BJ commented: So it's a discrimination tax? Only tax a select group of people? Quit spending more money than we already give you.

Rick said: Smokers save Alabama I can see the Headlines at CNN. Such a joke to discriminate on a group of people carrying on a legal activity. Easy to step on them in the name of health.

Diane said: I don't smoke, but don't think smokers should be taxed because our State Leaders can't lead and balance a budget like the rest of us have to do.

James wrote: Excellent idea but go for $1. Tax beer wine whiskey also.

Aliea commented: They want to pass a bill to raise taxes on smokers, but won't pass a bill that would bring well deserved money in to the state. Somewhere our priorities got messed up.

And finally Ricky wrote: What Alabama needs is a steady, stable tax base. Property tax, sales tax on anything you buy. Other states don't have to run to the well every time they turn around. Alabama has had this problem forever. Fix it right and be done.

As always we encourage and appreciate your feedback.

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