Crimestoppers: Montgomery County Burglary

Thieves discovered a rare find during the commission of a burglary in east Montgomery County.

Several rare items were stolen from the home of Mr. John Trotman, a former president of the Alabama Cattleman's Association. Mr. Trotman's stately home sits on the corner of Woodley and Trotman Roads in the middle of his huge cattle farm.

Mr. Trotman says the burglary happened sometime between 9:00 in the morning and 2:00 in the afternoon on January 13th . Deputy W. J. Briggs is handling the case. She says the thieves got away with a commemorative Issue Texas Ranger 357 revolver and knife set . Mr. Trotman says a former Governor of Texas gave him the valuable set several years ago during the Texas Rangers 100th year anniversary. Mr. Trotman says the gun and knife has great sentimental value to him. Both the gun and the knife have the Texas Ranger seal of both sides.

Also stolen from the home was a set of gold cufflinks presented to Mr. Trotman by President Ronald Reagan. The blue enamel cuff links are solid gold with the president's signature on the back and the presidential seal on the front.

Yet another priceless item taken from the home also has great sentimental value. A replica of the Jersey he wore while playing football for Auburn University in the mid 40's. Mr. Trotman says several years ago he and his son Charlie, a former Auburn quarterback, were presented the jerseys to wear as they led Tiger Walk. The number 30 jersey is mounted in a gold frame with an orange and blue background.

If you know where these items can be found please contact CrimeStoppers at 215-STOP . You could earn a reward for your anonymous information, if it leads to the identification of the person or persons responsible.

Reporter: Deloris Keith