Editorial: Hocus Pocus in the Magic City

Editorial: Hocus Pocus in the Magic City

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - I guess I have to give credit to an amazing magic trick in the Magic City, hocus pocus. Football is back at UAB!!! First, It's great UAB has football back. I think it is great for all involved, especially the 85 students athletes, most of whom will be from Alabama.

How can things have changed so greatly in six months?

Why didn't UAB President Dr. Ray Watts exhaust all available resources when studies showed the financial strain on the university? Instead, he hit the eject button and football was gone.

The university faced major scrutiny and ridicule. It also faced probable ejection from Conference USA which would have crippled other athletic programs. Only then did it started looking for solutions.

In the meantime, a football program that was bowl eligible in 2014 and carrying a ton of momentum heading into the 2015 season finds itself sent backwards years. Where was the careful thought from leadership six months ago? Perhaps further scrutiny of the UAB President is in order.

While football is back the repercussions of this six month hiatus will last for years and the cloud remains on the leadership of one of the state's most respected learning institutions!

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